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Definition of Swayed


  1. of Sway
  2. Bent down, and hollow in the back; sway-backed; -- said of a horse.

Swayed Quotations

Make sure of your commitment to Jesus Christ, and seek to follow Him every day. Don't be swayed by the false values and goals of this world, but put Christ and His will first in everything you do.
Billy Graham

It's no good being too easily swayed by people's opinions. You have to believe in yourself.
Donatella Versace

It's important that athletes can compete on a level playing field. And youngsters coming into the sport can know that if they are working hard and training hard, they'll see a true reflection of where they stand and what they can achieve worldwide and not be swayed by people who are cheating.
Paula Radcliffe

The generality of men are naturally apt to be swayed by fear rather than reverence, and to refrain from evil rather because of the punishment that it brings than because of its own foulness.

Men are swayed more by fear than by reverence.
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Swayed Translations

swayed in German is schwankte
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