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Definition of Surround


  1. To inclose on all sides; to encompass; to environ.
  2. To lie or be on all sides of; to encircle; as, a wall surrounds the city.
  3. To pass around; to travel about; to circumnavigate; as, to surround the world.
  4. To inclose, as a body of troops, between hostile forces, so as to cut off means of communication or retreat; to invest, as a city.
  5. A method of hunting some animals, as the buffalo, by surrounding a herd, and driving them over a precipice, into a ravine, etc.
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Surround Translations

surround in Danish is omgive
surround in Dutch is omringen, omgeven, insluiten
surround in French is entourons, entourent, entourez, entourer
surround in German is umgeben, einfassen
surround in Italian is circondare
surround in Latin is includo, impedio, coerceo, amplector, circumvenio
surround in Portuguese is cerque
surround in Spanish is rodear, circundar
surround in Swedish is omge, omgiva, omringa