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Definition of Supplier


  1. One who supplies.

Supplier Quotations

We cannot be both the world's leading champion of peace and the world's leading supplier of the weapons of war.
Jimmy Carter

My mom was always the supplier of soccer balls, and so people were always knocking on my door, and trying to get me out so we could play.
Freddy Adu

I never trust an executive who tends to pass the buck. Nor would I want to deal with him as a customer or a supplier.
James Cash Penney

The foodstuff, carbohydrate, is essentially a packet of hydrogen, a hydrogen supplier, a hydrogen donor, and the main event during its combustion is the splitting off of hydrogen.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Now we have a whole separate supplier of data for Able Danger who's verifying that same information.
Curt Weldon
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Supplier Translations

supplier in French is livreur, fournisseur
supplier in German is Lieferant
supplier in Italian is fornitore
supplier in Spanish is proveedor
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