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Definition of Supervise


  1. To oversee for direction; to superintend; to inspect with authority; as, to supervise the construction of a steam engine, or the printing of a book.
  2. To look over so as to read; to peruse.
  3. Supervision; inspection.

Supervise Quotations

To supervise people, you must either surpass them in their accomplishments or despise them.
Benjamin Disraeli

The best schools tend to have the best teachers, not to mention parents who supervise homework, so there is less need for self-organised learning. But where a child comes from a less supportive home environment, where there are family tensions perhaps, their schoolwork can suffer. They need to be taught to think and study for themselves.
Sugata Mitra

I'm developing a record company. I'm learning how to supervise music on a film.
Carson Daly

I'm not in a race with anybody to make the biggest hit movie anymore. I am just trying to tell stories that I can stay interested in for the two years it takes me to supervise the writing and to direct them.
Steven Spielberg

When politicians say, 'Oh, parents should supervise their kids' Internet use,' it drives me crazy.
Beeban Kidron
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Supervise Translations

supervise in Afrikaans is kontroleer
supervise in Danish is kontrolere
supervise in Dutch is controleren, checken, aflezen
supervise in Finnish is tarkastaa
supervise in German is beaufsichtigen
supervise in Italian is vigilare
supervise in Portuguese is supervisione
supervise in Spanish is controlar
supervise in Swedish is kontrollera
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