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Definition of Superficiality


  1. The quality or state of being superficial; also, that which is superficial.

Superficiality Quotations

Elegance is usually confused with superficiality, fashion, lack of depth. This is a serious mistake: human beings need to have elegance in their actions and in their posture because this word is synonymous with good taste, amiability, equilibrium and harmony.
Paulo Coelho

Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the 20th century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Whereas religious prayers sing of peace and harmony, religion has divided human beings through an atrocious history of enmity and bloodshed. Yet, behind the veil of superficiality and hypocrisy, I always believed in the inherent beauty of God that lies at the essence of all true spiritual paths.
Radhanath Swami

Our enemy is by tradition our savior, in preventing us from superficiality.
Joyce Carol Oates

You must renounce all superficiality, all convention, all vanity and delusion.
Gustav Mahler
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Superficiality Translations

superficiality in Spanish is superficialidad
superficiality in Swedish is ytlighet
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