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Definition of Sunny


  1. Of or pertaining to the sun; proceeding from, or resembling the sun; hence, shining; bright; brilliant; radiant.
  2. Exposed to the rays of the sun; brightened or warmed by the direct rays of the sun; as, a sunny room; the sunny side of a hill.
  3. Cheerful; genial; as, a sunny disposition.
  4. See Sunfish (b).

Sunny Quotations

Iranian filmmakers are not passive. They fight whenever they can, as creative expression means a lot to them. The restrictions and censorship in Iran are a bit like the British weather: one day it's sunny, the next day it's raining. You just have to hope you walk out into the sunshine.
Asghar Farhadi

I like to wake up late, around 11 A.M., especially if I have been out the night before. Then I go to brunch with either my friends or my girlfriend. I then like to just chill out: read the papers, read some scripts and then take it very easy. If it's sunny, I go for a walk with my dog, Niles, in the countryside.
Douglas Booth

Who cares about the clouds when we're together? Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.
Dale Evans

My favourite city is Miami. It's very fresh and the beach is sunny.
Liu Wen

I believe I have a sunny disposition, and am not naturally a grouch. It takes a lot of optimism, after all, to be a traveler.
Paul Theroux
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Sunny Translations

sunny in German is sonnig, sonnig, sonnigen
sunny in Hungarian is napos
sunny in Italian is soleggiato
sunny in Spanish is soleado
sunny in Swedish is solig
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