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Definition of Sum


  1. The aggregate of two or more numbers, magnitudes, quantities, or particulars; the amount or whole of any number of individuals or particulars added together; as, the sum of 5 and 7 is 12.
  2. A quantity of money or currency; any amount, indefinitely; as, a sum of money; a small sum, or a large sum.
  3. The principal points or thoughts when viewed together; the amount; the substance; compendium; as, this is the sum of all the evidence in the case; this is the sum and substance of his objections.
  4. Height; completion; utmost degree.
  5. A problem to be solved, or an example to be wrought out.
  6. To bring together into one whole; to collect into one amount; to cast up, as a column of figures; to ascertain the totality of; -- usually with up.
  7. To bring or collect into a small compass; to comprise in a few words; to condense; -- usually with up.
  8. To have (the feathers) full grown; to furnish with complete, or full-grown, plumage.
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Sum Translations

sum in Afrikaans is bedrag
sum in Dutch is somma, som, bedrag, totaal, summa
sum in Finnish is summa
sum in French is somme
sum in German is Summe, Summe, addieren
sum in Latin is summa
sum in Portuguese is soma
sum in Spanish is importe, suma
sum in Swedish is summa, tal