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Definition of Suffocated


  1. of Suffocate

Suffocated Quotations

I am suffocated and lost when I have not the bright feeling of progression.
Margaret Fuller

We are suffocated by writers who want to enlighten us with their truths. For me, the theatre is beautiful because it is a secret, and secrets seduce us, we all want to share secrets.
Howard Barker

Humanity has nearly suffocated the globe with carbon dioxide, yet nuclear power plants that produce no such emissions are so mired in objections and obstruction that, despite renewed interest on every continent, it is unlikely another will be built in the United States.
Michael Specter

Too often new ideas are studied and analyzed until they are suffocated.
William Pollard

Watching the Commons tribute to Margaret Thatcher was like being suffocated inside a gigantic sticky toffee pudding, but one with nasty bogeys planted inside. There was much of the 'Margaret Thatcher who was lucky enough to know me,' especially from her own side of the House.
Simon Hoggart
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Suffocated Translations

suffocated in German is erstickte, erstickten
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