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Definition of Such


  1. Of that kind; of the like kind; like; resembling; similar; as, we never saw such a day; -- followed by that or as introducing the word or proposition which defines the similarity, or the standard of comparison; as, the books are not such that I can recommend them, or, not such as I can recommend; these apples are not such as those we saw yesterday; give your children such precepts as tend to make them better.
  2. Having the particular quality or character specified.
  3. The same that; -- with as; as, this was the state of the kingdom at such time as the enemy landed.
  4. Certain; -- representing the object as already particularized in terms which are not mentioned.

Such Translations

such in Afrikaans is so 'n
such in Dutch is dusdanige, dergelijke, zo'n, zulk een
such in French is tel, pareille, pareil, autant
such in German is solche, solch, derartig, solch
such in Hungarian is ilyen
such in Italian is cosiffatto
such in Latin is talis
such in Portuguese is tais
such in Spanish is tal