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Definition of Succumbed


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Succumbed Quotations

It is hard being a football loather, a football unfan. I sometimes feel as lonely as the sole survivor in the last reel of a Zombie film, as, one by one, old friends reveal themselves, with their glassy stares and outstretched arms, to have succumbed to the lure.
Craig Brown

Blacks who have not succumbed to the victim culture have been, are, and will be doing quite well - all on their own, without handouts, affirmative action, and other patronizing measures.
Tammy Bruce

Wall Street is broken for sure because it succumbed to greed and corruption and pure speculation with no values.
Deepak Chopra

In America, we have always taken it as an article of faith that we 'battle' cancer; we attack it with knives, we poison it with chemotherapy or we blast it with radiation. If we are fortunate, we 'beat' the cancer. If not, we are posthumously praised for having 'succumbed after a long battle.'
Abraham Verghese

I succumbed to hedonism.
Simon Le Bon
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Succumbed Translations

succumbed in German is erlag
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