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Definition of Subtract


  1. To withdraw, or take away, as a part from the whole; to deduct; as, subtract 5 from 9, and the remainder is 4.

Subtract Quotations

The best math lesson we can teach college students this year is to subtract a tuition increase and benefit from the dividends of higher education.
Jodi Rell

If you are truly serious abut preparing your child for the future, don't teach him to subtract teach him to deduct.
Fran Lebowitz

A short cut to riches is to subtract from our desires.

Most marriages don't add two people together. They subtract one from the other.
Ian Fleming

As for Twitter, I've found that you have to learn how to make it add value rather than subtract hours from one's day. Certainly, it affords narcissism and distraction.
Howard Rheingold
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Subtract Translations

subtract in Danish is fradrage
subtract in Dutch is aftrekken
subtract in French is soustraire, soustrayez, soustrais, soustraient
subtract in Italian is falcidiare
subtract in Latin is demo
subtract in Portuguese is subtraia
subtract in Spanish is abstraer, sustraer, restar
subtract in Swedish is subtrahera
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