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Definition of Subsidy


  1. Support; aid; cooperation; esp., extraordinary aid in money rendered to the sovereign or to a friendly power.
  2. Specifically: A sum of money paid by one sovereign or nation to another to purchase the cooperation or the neutrality of such sovereign or nation in war.
  3. A grant from the government, from a municipal corporation, or the like, to a private person or company to assist the establishment or support of an enterprise deemed advantageous to the public; a subvention; as, a subsidy to the owners of a line of ocean steamships.
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Subsidy Translations

subsidy in Afrikaans is subsidie
subsidy in Dutch is ondersteuning, stipendium, subsidie
subsidy in French is subvention
subsidy in German is Subvention
subsidy in Italian is sovvenzione
subsidy in Spanish is subsidio