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Definition of Subliminal


  1. Existing in the mind, but below the surface or threshold of consciousness; that is, existing as feeling rather than as clear ideas.

Subliminal Quotations

On the unconscious level, touch seems to impart a subliminal sense of caring and connection.
Leonard Mlodinow

'Subliminal' is about how we misinterpret our behavior because we're unaware of what our unconscious minds are doing.
Leonard Mlodinow

Our subliminal mental processes operate outside awareness because they arise in these portions of our mind that are inaccessible to our conscious self; their inaccessibility is due to the architecture of the brain rather than because they have been subject to Freudian motivational forces like repression.
Leonard Mlodinow

Music is the subliminal connecting adhesive in film, or at least in narrative feature films.
Carter Burwell

I saw a subliminal advertising executive, but only for a second.
Steven Wright
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Subliminal Translations

subliminal in Spanish is subliminal
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