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Definition of Stuffed


  1. of Stuff

Stuffed Quotations

The lowest form of popular culture - lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people's lives - has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.
Carl Bernstein

Throughout the 45 years of my career, I have presented a pleasing, smiling countenance to the world. Not that I meant to do that, but I have just dealt with the good stuff - the world's religions. Now, in the course of that time, pet peeves have arisen, and I have stuffed them in the duffel bag of this six-foot frame, and it began to get congested.
Huston Smith

My family lived off the land and summer evening meals featured baked stuffed tomatoes, potato salad, corn on the cob, fresh shelled peas and homemade ice cream with strawberries from our garden. With no air conditioning in those days, the cool porch was the center of our universe after the scorching days.
David Mixner

When the shriveled skin of the ordinary is stuffed out with meaning, it satisfies the senses amazingly.
Virginia Woolf

What usually happens in the educational process is that the faculties are dulled, overloaded, stuffed and paralyzed so that by the time most people are mature they have lost their innate capabilities.
R. Buckminster Fuller
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Stuffed Translations

stuffed in Italian is farcito
stuffed in Latin is effertus, refertus
stuffed in Swedish is uppfylld