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Definition of Stringent


  1. Binding strongly; making strict requirements; restrictive; rigid; severe; as, stringent rules.

Stringent Quotations

I know no method to secure the repeal of bad or obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent execution.
Ulysses S. Grant

In North Korea, grass is a vegetable eaten by the people, and they've got nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. So, something more stringent than what's been done to North Korea is going to have to work; otherwise, a military strike is the only option.
Oliver North

There has to be a common sense cutoff for craziness, and when that threshold is exceeded, then the criteria for publication should get far, far more stringent.
Douglas Hofstadter

Often we don't notice the stringent rules to which our culture subjects us.
Sara Sheridan

Comedy is a very, very, very stringent business.
Chuck Jones
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Stringent Translations

stringent in Dutch is strikt, gestreng, streng, wettisch
stringent in Finnish is ankara
stringent in French is rigoureux
stringent in German is zwingend beweisen
stringent in Portuguese is estrito
stringent in Spanish is severo
stringent in Swedish is bindande

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