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Definition of Stool


  1. A plant from which layers are propagated by bending its branches into the soil.
  2. To ramfy; to tiller, as grain; to shoot out suckers.
  3. A single seat with three or four legs and without a back, made in various forms for various uses.
  4. A seat used in evacuating the bowels; hence, an evacuation; a discharge from the bowels.
  5. A stool pigeon, or decoy bird.
  6. A small channel on the side of a vessel, for the dead-eyes of the backstays.
  7. A bishop's seat or see; a bishop-stool.
  8. A bench or form for resting the feet or the knees; a footstool; as, a kneeling stool.
  9. Material, such as oyster shells, spread on the sea bottom for oyster spat to adhere to.

Stool Quotations

Retirement security is often compared to a three-legged stool supported by Social Security, employer-provided pension funds, and private savings.
Sander Levin

I try to teach my son about sanitation, especially when handling foods like chicken that could be dangerous. I remind him to wash his hands all the time. When my son cooks with me, he stands on a step stool so he can reach the stove. I teach him about safety and fire.
Emeril Lagasse

When suffering knocks at your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tells you not to worry because he has brought his own stool.
Chinua Achebe

I go from stool to stool in singles bars hoping to get lucky, but there's never any gum under any of them.
Emo Philips

Self-will so ardent and active that it will break a world to pieces to make a stool to sit on.
Richard Cecil
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Stool Translations

stool in Danish is skammel
stool in Dutch is kruk, taboeret
stool in French is tabouret
stool in German is Hocker, Schemel
stool in Italian is sgabello
stool in Latin is scamnum
stool in Portuguese is tamborete
stool in Spanish is taburete
stool in Swedish is pall
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