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Definition of Stocking


  1. Any of various things resembling, or likened to, a stocking; as: (a) A broad ring of color, differing from the general color, on the lower part of the leg of a quadruped; esp., a white ring between the coronet and the hock or knee of a dark-colored horse. (b) A knitted hood of cotton thread which is eventually converted by a special process into an incandescent mantle for gas lighting.
  2. of Stock
  3. A close-fitting covering for the foot and leg, usually knit or woven.
  4. To dress in GBs.
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Stocking Translations

stocking in Afrikaans is kous
stocking in Dutch is kous
stocking in Finnish is sukka
stocking in French is collante, bas
stocking in Italian is calza, calza maglia
stocking in Portuguese is meia
stocking in Spanish is leotardos, media
stocking in Swedish is strumpa