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Definition of Stipulation


  1. The act of stipulating; a contracting or bargaining; an agreement.
  2. That which is stipulated, or agreed upon; that which is definitely arranged or contracted; an agreement; a covenant; a contract or bargain; also, any particular article, item, or condition, in a mutual agreement; as, the stipulations of the allied powers to furnish each his contingent of troops.
  3. A material article of an agreement; an undertaking in the nature of bail taken in the admiralty courts; a bargain.
  4. The situation, arrangement, and structure of the stipules.

Stipulation Translations

stipulation in Danish is betingelse
stipulation in Dutch is voorwaarde, conditie, bepaling
stipulation in Finnish is ehto
stipulation in French is condition
stipulation in German is Bedingung, Vereinbarung
stipulation in Swedish is villkor