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Definition of Stinking


  1. of Stink
  2. a. & n. from Stink, v.

Stinking Quotations

Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not.
James Joyce

I was at the vice president's Christmas party. I thought that his speech was spectacular, and I knew that it was a very emotional and difficult thing for him to do, but I admonished him for not waiting just one more stinking day.
Bradley Whitford

I always found the road exciting. I liked stinking hotels and freezing dressing rooms.
Suzi Quatro

Anybody who likes writing a book is an idiot. Because it's impossible; it's like having a homework assignment every stinking day until it's done. And by the time you get it in, it's done and you're sitting there reading it, and you realize the 12,000 things you didn't do. I mean, writing isn't fun. It's never been fun.
Lewis Black

I do cook a lot for myself. I tend to cook from scratch, a lot of stews and things, lots of beans, because beans have got lots of protein in them but not fat. I am partial to a bit of cheese - I try to limit myself in my cheese intake, but I do enjoy a good smelly cheese. Stinking Bishop is a good one.
Honeysuckle Weeks
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Stinking Translations

stinking in Dutch is stinkend
stinking in German is stinkend, stinkenden
stinking in Latin is foetidus
stinking in Portuguese is tresandar
stinking in Swedish is stinkande
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