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Definition of Sticky


  1. Having the quality of sticking to a surface; adhesive; gluey; viscous; viscid; glutinous; tenacious.

Sticky Quotations

I was a boy with one dream and one dream only: I wanted - no, strike that, I was desperate for - a room of my own. You see, in those days I shared a room with my little brother, Jesse, and it wasn't pretty. He was the Oscar to my Felix: messy, careless, and just a little bit sticky - exactly the way a kindergartner is supposed to be.
Nate Berkus

Art is a subjective thing, and it should be a subjective thing. And the difficulty of subjectivity is that it becomes hugely problematized when you start applying large sums of money to art objects. That's where it all starts to get a bit sticky.
Tim Crouch

It must be admitted that science has its castes. The man whose chief apparatus is the differential equation looks down upon one who uses a galvanometer, and he in turn upon those who putter about with sticky and smelly things in test tubes.
Gilbert Newton Lewis

Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.
Ralph Marston

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky.
Fran Lebowitz
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Sticky Translations

sticky in Dutch is plakkerig, kleverig
sticky in French is gluant
sticky in German is klebrig, pappig
sticky in Italian is glutinoso
sticky in Portuguese is pegajoso
sticky in Spanish is pegadizo, pegajoso
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