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Definition of Steep


  1. Bright; glittering; fiery.
  2. To soak in a liquid; to macerate; to extract the essence of by soaking; as, to soften seed by steeping it in water. Often used figuratively.
  3. To undergo the process of soaking in a liquid; as, the tea is steeping.
  4. Something steeped, or used in steeping; a fertilizing liquid to hasten the germination of seeds.
  5. A rennet bag.
  6. Making a large angle with the plane of the horizon; ascending or descending rapidly with respect to a horizontal line or a level; precipitous; as, a steep hill or mountain; a steep roof; a steep ascent; a steep declivity; a steep barometric gradient.
  7. Difficult of access; not easy reached; lofty; elevated; high.
  8. Excessive; as, a steep price.
  9. A precipitous place, hill, mountain, rock, or ascent; any elevated object sloping with a large angle to the plane of the horizon; a precipice.
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Steep Translations

steep in Danish is stejl
steep in Dutch is steil
steep in French is raide
steep in Italian is erto
steep in Latin is imbuo
steep in Spanish is escarpado, despe adizo
steep in Swedish is stup, brant