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Definition of Steely


  1. Made of steel; consisting of steel.
  2. Resembling steel; hard; firm; having the color of steel.

Steely Quotations

Most governments do have inbuilt biases in favour of the rich and powerful, and most do contain plenty of manipulators who love intrigue, who have lost whatever moral compass they may once have had and who protect themselves with steely cynicism.
Geoff Mulgan

You get steely nerves playing poker.
Nate Silver

I'm a dogged person. I respond to adversity with a steely resistance.
Jennifer Egan

My dad used to love Steely Dan, the Stones, Jethro Tull and all that. There was always Steely Dan going in my dad's car, but I remember The Royal Scam in particular because it has 'Kid Charlemagne' on it.
St. Vincent

One thing I hear a lot is, 'Dude, my mom loves your record,' or 'I got it for my dad for Christmas.' I'm essentially doing dad rock. Which is great, because I love Steely Dan, you know? Nothing wrong with dad rock!
Mac DeMarco
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Steely Translations

steely in Spanish is acerado
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