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Definition of Stare


  1. The starling.
  2. To look with fixed eyes wide open, as through fear, wonder, surprise, impudence, etc.; to fasten an earnest and prolonged gaze on some object.
  3. To be very conspicuous on account of size, prominence, color, or brilliancy; as, staring windows or colors.
  4. To stand out; to project; to bristle.
  5. To look earnestly at; to gaze at.
  6. The act of staring; a fixed look with eyes wide open.
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Stare Translations

stare in Dutch is staren, turen, aanstaren
stare in German is anstarren, starren
stare in Portuguese is olhar fixo
stare in Spanish is mirar fijamente
stare in Swedish is gapa, glo, stirra