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Definition of Stance


  1. The position of a player's feet, relative to each other and to the ball, when he is making a stroke.
  2. A stanza.
  3. A station; a position; a site.

Stance Quotations

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.
Morihei Ueshiba

Before any American points a finger at President Putin and calls him nasty names, they should recognize that a lot of Americans agree with Putin on his stance against homosexual and transgender people.
Henry Rollins

It's almost sickening now that the regulators 'on the beat' while the biggest credit collapse in modern financial history unfolded are now patting themselves on the back for their 'brave' stance on short-selling!
James Chanos

Hamas murders not only Israelis, but also Palestinians whose political stance is different from that which its group promotes; that is, its radical religious outlook in which Islam is the solution to the world's problems.
Mosab Hassan Yousef

Your moral stance depends on what you think is being aborted. If you don't believe it to be a person but part of a woman's body, of course you will be pro-choice. I would be virulently pro-choice if I didn't believe it to be a person.
Louise Mensch
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Stance Translations

stance in German is Stellung
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