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Definition of Stalk


  1. The act or process of stalking.
  2. The stem or main axis of a plant; as, a stalk of wheat, rye, or oats; the stalks of maize or hemp.
  3. The petiole, pedicel, or peduncle, of a plant.
  4. That which resembes the stalk of a plant, as the stem of a quill.
  5. An ornament in the Corinthian capital resembling the stalk of a plant, from which the volutes and helices spring.
  6. One of the two upright pieces of a ladder.
  7. A stem or peduncle, as of certain barnacles and crinoids.
  8. The narrow basal portion of the abdomen of a hymenopterous insect.
  9. The peduncle of the eyes of decapod crustaceans.
  10. An iron bar with projections inserted in a core to strengthen it; a core arbor.
  11. To walk slowly and cautiously; to walk in a stealthy, noiseless manner; -- sometimes used with a reflexive pronoun.
  12. To walk behind something as a screen, for the purpose of approaching game; to proceed under clover.
  13. To walk with high and proud steps; usually implying the affectation of dignity, and indicating dislike. The word is used, however, especially by the poets, to express dignity of step.
  14. To approach under cover of a screen, or by stealth, for the purpose of killing, as game.
  15. A high, proud, stately step or walk.

Stalk Translations

stalk in Dutch is schrijden
stalk in French is queue, tige
stalk in German is stelzen, stelzst
stalk in Spanish is tallo