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Definition of Squint


  1. To have an indirect bearing, reference, or implication; to have an allusion to, or inclination towards, something.
  2. Looking obliquely. Specifically (Med.), not having the optic axes coincident; -- said of the eyes. See Squint, n., 2.
  3. Fig.: Looking askance.
  4. To see or look obliquely, asquint, or awry, or with a furtive glance.
  5. To have the axes of the eyes not coincident; -- to be cross-eyed.
  6. To deviate from a true line; to run obliquely.
  7. To turn to an oblique position; to direct obliquely; as, to squint an eye.
  8. To cause to look with noncoincident optic axes.
  9. The act or habit of squinting.
  10. A want of coincidence of the axes of the eyes; strabismus.
  11. Same as Hagioscope.

Squint Translations

squint in Dutch is scheelzien, scheelkijken, loensen
squint in French is guigner, loucher
squint in German is schielen
squint in Italian is strabico
squint in Spanish is bizcar, entrecerrar