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Definition of Spurred


  1. of Spur
  2. Wearing spurs; furnished with a spur or spurs; having shoots like spurs.
  3. Affected with spur, or ergot; as, spurred rye.

Spurred Quotations

A good horse should be seldom spurred.
Thomas Fuller

Several times in Earth's history, rapid global warming occurred, apparently spurred by amplifying feedbacks. In each case, more than half of plant and animal species became extinct. New species came into being over tens and hundreds of thousands of years. But these are time scales and generations that we cannot imagine.
James Hansen

My mum said to me once years ago, which really spurred me on, 'You're the funniest person I know'. I loved that.
Miranda Hart

Agribusiness could provide an opportunity for joint Israeli-Palestinian projects, spurred on by Israeli technical expertise in this field.
Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

Pinocchio, spurred on by the hope of finding his father and of being in time to save him, swam all night long.
Carlo Collodi
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Spurred Translations

spurred in German is gespornt, spornte
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