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Definition of Spun


  1. of Spin
  2. imp. & p. p. of Spin.

Spun Quotations

I was born full grown in the middle of a hurricane and an earthquake on 10 September 1954, 12.52 P.M. When I found out that I had missed lunch, I gave such a shout that the Earth stopped and spun backwards two days. That's why I celebrate my birthday on 8 September.
Jon Scieszka

The senior thesis of Hillary D. Rodham, Wellesley College class of 1969, has been speculated about, spun, analyzed, debated, criticized and defended. But rarely has it been read, because for the eight years of Bill Clinton's presidency it was locked away.
Bill Dedman

The two-piece ball I switched to spun too much. One shot would go the distance I thought it should, then the next one would fall short, and then the next one would go long.
Payne Stewart

In '75, the year both A Chorus Line and Chicago hit Broadway, my head spun around and I became the ultimate theater queen for life.
Michael Musto

I have a movie coming out called Spun, which will be at the Toronto Film Fest.
Eric Roberts
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Spun Translations

spun in German is gesponnen, getrudelt
spun in Spanish is hilado
spun in Swedish is snurrade, snurrat, spann, spunnit
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