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Definition of Sponsorship


  1. State of being a sponsor.

Sponsorship Quotations

If you're going to stay in the Olympics, you've got to be entertaining and get sponsorship.
Dan Gable

Men can have a huge turnover of sponsorship and still survive a lot better than the women. But the women's ratings are better, at least at home in the United States than in the men's tennis.
Billie Jean King

I stopped beating up on myself. I stopped asking myself why I didn't sell this number of records, why I don't have corporate sponsorship. I just don't buy into any of that anymore.
Meshell Ndegeocello

The present government is very insistent that business sponsorship should replace government sponsorship of the arts. Business sponsorship won't happen unless you make tax concessions, which they won't.
Peter Maxwell Davies

We will work with industrial or Dept. Of Defence sponsorship as long as we keep our principals of openness firm we're proud to work with the military, and they respect that in turn.
Charles Vest
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Sponsorship Translations

sponsorship in French is parrainage
sponsorship in German is Patenstelle

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