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Definition of Sponge


  1. Any one of numerous species of Spongiae, or Porifera. See Illust. and Note under Spongiae.
  2. The elastic fibrous skeleton of many species of horny Spongiae (keratosa), used for many purposes, especially the varieties of the genus Spongia. The most valuable sponges are found in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and on the coasts of Florida and the West Indies.
  3. One who lives upon others; a pertinaceous and indolent dependent; a parasite; a sponger.
  4. Any spongelike substance.
  5. Dough before it is kneaded and formed into loaves, and after it is converted into a light, spongy mass by the agency of the yeast or leaven.
  6. Iron from the puddling furnace, in a pasty condition.
  7. Iron ore, in masses, reduced but not melted or worked.
  8. A mop for cleaning the bore of a cannon after a discharge. It consists of a cylinder of wood, covered with sheepskin with the wool on, or cloth with a heavy looped nap, and having a handle, or staff.
  9. The extremity, or point, of a horseshoe, answering to the heel.
  10. To cleanse or wipe with a sponge; as, to sponge a slate or a cannon; to wet with a sponge; as, to sponge cloth.
  11. To wipe out with a sponge, as letters or writing; to efface; to destroy all trace of.
  12. Fig.: To deprive of something by imposition.
  13. Fig.: To get by imposition or mean arts without cost; as, to sponge a breakfast.
  14. To suck in, or imbile, as a sponge.
  15. Fig.: To gain by mean arts, by intrusion, or hanging on; as, an idler sponges on his neighbor.
  16. To be converted, as dough, into a light, spongy mass by the agency of yeast, or leaven.

Sponge Quotations

Certainly I'm not going to sit on the Internet all day and read what Sam from Iowa is saying about me. But I'm a sponge. I've always been a sponge.

Ah, lives of men! When prosperous they glitter - Like a fair picture; when misfortune comes - A wet sponge at one blow has blurred the painting.

Children are very smart, in their own stupid way. A child's brain is like a sponge, and you know how smart sponges are.
Steve Carell

Napoleon is a torrent which as yet we are unable to stem. Moscow will be the sponge that will suck him dry.
Mikhail Kutuzov

Flames from the lips may be produced by holding in the mouth a sponge saturated with the purest gasoline.
Harry Houdini
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Sponge Translations

sponge in Danish is svamp
sponge in Dutch is afsponzen
sponge in Finnish is sieni
sponge in German is Schwamm
sponge in Italian is spugna
sponge in Portuguese is esponja
sponge in Spanish is esponja

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