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Definition of Spoilt


  1. of Spoil

Spoilt Quotations

I feel like a spoilt rapper. I get to pick and choose everything.

Many excellent cooks are spoilt by going into the arts.
Paul Gauguin

'Spoilt' is a euphemism for 'loved.'
James Nesbitt

But I'm kind of spoilt when it comes to comedy. I was on 'Friends', which was one of the funniest things on television.
Matt LeBlanc

My father lived by the philosophy, 'Be yourself, because everyone else is taken,' and he made sure I did, too. Whatever I wanted to do, he supported me. I don't mean that I was spoilt - he didn't believe in material gifts - but he watched my back while I worked to achieve things.
Tommy Lee
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Spoilt Translations

spoilt in German is Ausschuss..
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