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Definition of Spoilt


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Spoilt Quotations

My father lived by the philosophy, 'Be yourself, because everyone else is taken,' and he made sure I did, too. Whatever I wanted to do, he supported me. I don't mean that I was spoilt - he didn't believe in material gifts - but he watched my back while I worked to achieve things.
Tommy Lee

My brothers always like to believe that my father pampered me and I am spoilt. While it is not true, they felt that way. As for my dad, I could not do anything wrong. So, if I did something wrong, I would put the blame on them, and he would shout at them.
Sonakshi Sinha

I feel like a spoilt rapper. I get to pick and choose everything.

Many excellent cooks are spoilt by going into the arts.
Paul Gauguin

'Spoilt' is a euphemism for 'loved.'
James Nesbitt
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Spoilt Translations

spoilt in German is Ausschuss..
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