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Definition of Split


  1. Any of the three or four strips into which osiers are commonly cleft for certain kinds of work; -- usually in pl.
  2. Any of the dents of a reed.
  3. Any of the air currents in a mine formed by dividing a larger current.
  4. Short for Split shot or stroke.
  5. The feat of going down to the floor so that the legs extend in a straight line, either with one on each side or with one in front and the other behind.
  6. A small bottle (containing about half a pint) of some drink; -- so called as containing half the quantity of the customary smaller commercial size of bottle; also, a drink of half the usual quantity; a half glass.
  7. Divided so as to be done or executed part at one time or price and part at another time or price; -- said of an order, sale, etc.
  8. Of quotations, given in sixteenth, quotations in eighths being regular; as, 10/ is a split quotation.
  9. Designating ordinary stock that has been divided into preferred ordinary and deferred ordinary.
  10. of Split
  11. To divide lengthwise; to separate from end to end, esp. by force; to divide in the direction of the grain layers; to rive; to cleave; as, to split a piece of timber or a board; to split a gem; to split a sheepskin.
  12. To burst; to rupture; to rend; to tear asunder.
  13. To divide or break up into parts or divisions, as by discord; to separate into parts or parties, as a political party; to disunite.
  14. To divide or separate into components; -- often used with up; as, to split up sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid.
  15. To part asunder; to be rent; to burst; as, vessels split by the freezing of water in them.
  16. To be broken; to be dashed to pieces.
  17. To separate into parties or factions.
  18. To burst with laughter.
  19. To divulge a secret; to betray confidence; to peach.
  20. to divide one hand of blackjack into two hands, allowed when the first two cards dealt to a player have the same value.
  21. A crack, or longitudinal fissure.
  22. A breach or separation, as in a political party; a division.
  23. A piece that is split off, or made thin, by splitting; a splinter; a fragment.
  24. Specif (Leather Manuf.), one of the sections of a skin made by dividing it into two or more thicknesses.
  25. A division of a stake happening when two cards of the kind on which the stake is laid are dealt in the same turn.
  26. the substitution of more than one share of a corporation's stock for one share. The market price of the stock usually drops in proportion to the increase in outstanding shares of stock. The split may be in any ratio, as a two-for-one split; a three-for-two split.
  27. the division by a player of one hand of blackjack into two hands, allowed when the first two cards dealt to a player have the same value; the player is usually obliged to increase the amount wagered by placing a sum equal to the original bet on the new hand thus created.
  28. Divided; cleft.
  29. Divided deeply; cleft.
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Split Translations

split in Afrikaans is bars
split in Danish is briste, spalte
split in Dutch is kloven, doorklieven, klieven, splijten
split in French is fendis, fendues, fendit, fendus, fendez, fendue
split in German is aufteilen, aufteilen, geteilt, aufgeteilt, teilen
split in Spanish is separarse, partir