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Definition of Spiral


  1. Winding or circling round a center or pole and gradually receding from it; as, the spiral curve of a watch spring.
  2. Winding round a cylinder or imaginary axis, and at the same time rising or advancing forward; winding like the thread of a screw; helical.
  3. Of or pertaining to a spiral; like a spiral.
  4. A plane curve, not reentrant, described by a point, called the generatrix, moving along a straight line according to a mathematical law, while the line is revolving about a fixed point called the pole. Cf. Helix.
  5. Anything which has a spiral form, as a spiral shell.
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Spiral Translations

spiral in Afrikaans is spiraal
spiral in Dutch is spiraal
spiral in French is spirale
spiral in Portuguese is espiral
spiral in Spanish is espiral, espira
spiral in Swedish is spiral