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Definition of Spike


  1. A sort of very large nail; also, a piece of pointed iron set with points upward or outward.
  2. Anything resembling such a nail in shape.
  3. An ear of corn or grain.
  4. A kind of flower cluster in which sessile flowers are arranged on an unbranched elongated axis.
  5. To fasten with spikes, or long, large nails; as, to spike down planks.
  6. To set or furnish with spikes.
  7. To fix on a spike.
  8. To stop the vent of (a gun or cannon) by driving a spike nail, or the like into it.
  9. Spike lavender. See Lavender.
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Spike Translations

spike in German is festnageln, Stift
spike in Swedish is bult, pigg, tagg