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Definition of Speechless


  1. Destitute or deprived of the faculty of speech.
  2. Not speaking for a time; dumb; mute; silent.

Speechless Quotations

If the word 'No' was removed from the English language, Ian Paisley would be speechless.
John Hume

From being a little girl in the projects, going through all of the mess that I was going through, to ending up at the Inauguration for the first African-American president, I'm speechless right now because I never thought I'd - I never ever - I couldn't even see that far. Even when I ended up in the music business, I couldn't see that.
Mary J. Blige

A strong work of art really leaves people speechless. They feel a little angry because they don't understand it.
Michael Heizer

If it were possible to talk to the unborn, one could never explain to them how it feels to be alive, for life is washed in the speechless real.
Jacques Barzun

When you arrive in L.A. as an Englishman, you might as well be on the moon. People just don't understand you if you speak too fast, and most people there think you're Australian. Ordering was incredibly complicated. I was speechless.
Ben Chaplin
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Speechless Translations

speechless in Danish is stum
speechless in Dutch is stom, sprakeloos
speechless in French is muet
speechless in German is sprachlos, sprachlosen, sprachlos
speechless in Norwegian is stum
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