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Definition of Spat


  1. A legging; a gaiter.
  2. A kind of short cloth or leather gaiter worn over the upper part of the shoe and fastened beneath the instep; -- chiefly in pl.
  3. imp. of Spit.
  4. A young oyster or other bivalve mollusk, both before and after it first becomes adherent, or such young, collectively.
  5. To emit spawn; to emit, as spawn.
  6. A light blow with something flat.
  7. Hence, a petty combat, esp. a verbal one; a little quarrel, dispute, or dissension.
  8. To dispute.
  9. To slap, as with the open hand; to clap together; as the hands.
  10. of Spit

Spat Translations

spat in German is Gamasche, gespeit
spat in Swedish is spottade, damask, spottat