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Definition of Sparkle


  1. A little spark; a scintillation.
  2. Brilliancy; luster; as, the sparkle of a diamond.
  3. To emit sparks; to throw off ignited or incandescent particles; to shine as if throwing off sparks; to emit flashes of light; to scintillate; to twinkle; as, the blazing wood sparkles; the stars sparkle.
  4. To manifest itself by, or as if by, emitting sparks; to glisten; to flash.
  5. To emit little bubbles, as certain kinds of liquors; to effervesce; as, sparkling wine.
  6. To emit in the form or likeness of sparks.
  7. To disperse.
  8. To scatter on or over.
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Sparkle Translations

sparkle in French is brillons, brillez, brillent
sparkle in German is funkeln
sparkle in Italian is sfavillare
sparkle in Latin is mico, candeo
sparkle in Swedish is tindra, spraka, gnistra