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Definition of Sojourn


  1. To dwell for a time; to dwell or live in a place as a temporary resident or as a stranger, not considering the place as a permanent habitation; to delay; to tarry.
  2. A temporary residence, as that of a traveler in a foreign land.

Sojourn Quotations

It is a common saying, and in everybody's mouth, that life is but a sojourn.

First, it is not unimportant that the legislative texts of the Old Testament are placed in the mouth of Moses and within the narrative framework of the sojourn at Sinai.
Paul Ricoeur

In the following pages I have endeavoured to describe all that appeared to me most important and interesting among the events and the scenes that came under my notice during my sojourn in the interior of Africa.
John Hanning Speke
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Sojourn Translations

sojourn in German is aufhalten
sojourn in Spanish is retrasar, estancia

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