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Definition of Sociology


  1. That branch of philosophy which treats of the constitution, phenomena, and development of human society; social science.

Sociology Quotations

There is a sociology of horses, as well as a psychology. It is most evident in the world of horse racing, where many horses are gathered together, where year after year, decade after decade, they do the same, rather simple thing - run in races and try to win.
Jane Smiley

The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.
Thomas Sowell

Human well-being is not a random phenomenon. It depends on many factors - ranging from genetics and neurobiology to sociology and economics. But, clearly, there are scientific truths to be known about how we can flourish in this world. Wherever we can have an impact on the well-being of others, questions of morality apply.
Sam Harris

The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.
Pierre Bourdieu

I had always looked down on sociology as this arriviste discipline. It didn't have the noble history of English and history as a subject. But once I had a little exposure to it, I said, 'Hey, here's the key. Here's the key to understanding life and all its forms.'
Tom Wolfe
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Sociology Translations

sociology in Dutch is sociologie, maatschappijleer
sociology in French is sociologie
sociology in German is Soziologie

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