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Definition of Sneer


  1. To show contempt by turning up the nose, or by a particular facial expression.
  2. To inssinuate contempt by a covert expression; to speak derisively.
  3. To show mirth awkwardly.
  4. To utter with a grimace or contemptuous expression; to utter with a sneer; to say sneeringly; as, to sneer fulsome lies at a person.
  5. To treat with sneers; to affect or move by sneers.
  6. The act of sneering.
  7. A smile, grin, or contortion of the face, indicative of contempt; an indirect expression or insinuation of contempt.
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Sneer Translations

sneer in Dutch is grijnslachen, spotlachen, ginnegappen
sneer in French is ricaner