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Definition of Smuggling


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Smuggling Quotations

Simply that we are mirroring the trends in society, at any given time smuggling was an issue in the seventies, corruption is an issue today, and we faithfully reflect those issues.
Ajay Devgan

I think that in the realm of commercial, popcorn cinema, the amount of message or smuggling of ideas you can get in there is quite limited. Like, if you think you're going to make a difference or change anything, you're on pretty dangerous thin ice.
Neill Blomkamp

Evidence points out that if you raise tariffs too much it will increase smuggling.
P. Chidambaram

And the people who live in the southern part of my state do not have a secure environment. To wit, there are signs that the government put up that say, 'Warning. You are in a drug smuggling area and a human smuggling area.'
John McCain

The fight against the drug smuggling is lost worldwide.
Jose Mujica
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Smuggling Translations

smuggling in German is Schmuggel, schmuggelnd
smuggling in Italian is contrabbando
smuggling in Spanish is contrabando

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