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Definition of Smoked


  1. of Smoke

Smoked Quotations

If I had the choice between smoked salmon and tinned salmon, I'd have it tinned. With vinegar.
Harold Wilson

Chipotles to me are a one-of-a-kind pepper because they're smoked jalapenos, so they're fiery and they're smoky. It's good to use chipotles in salsas or soups or condiments - that works really well. To me, they always really pick up anything you put them in.
Bobby Flay

Mommy smoked but she didn't want us to. She saw smoke coming out of the barn one time, so we got whipped.
Loretta Lynn

When I was young, I kissed my first woman and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. Believe me, never since have I wasted any more time on tobacco.
Arturo Toscanini

A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.
Raul Julia
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Smoked Translations

smoked in Dutch is gerookt
smoked in German is geraucht, rauchte, geraucht
smoked in Italian is fumato, affumicato
smoked in Spanish is ahumado
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