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Definition of Smack


  1. A small sailing vessel, commonly rigged as a sloop, used chiefly in the coasting and fishing trade.
  2. Taste or flavor, esp. a slight taste or flavor; savor; tincture; as, a smack of bitter in the medicine. Also used figuratively.
  3. A small quantity; a taste.
  4. A loud kiss; a buss.
  5. A quick, sharp noise, as of the lips when suddenly separated, or of a whip.
  6. A quick, smart blow; a slap.
  7. As if with a smack or slap.
  8. To have a smack; to be tinctured with any particular taste.
  9. To have or exhibit indications of the presence of any character or quality.
  10. To kiss with a close compression of the lips, so as to make a sound when they separate; to kiss with a sharp noise; to buss.
  11. To make a noise by the separation of the lips after tasting anything.
  12. To kiss with a sharp noise; to buss.
  13. To open, as the lips, with an inarticulate sound made by a quick compression and separation of the parts of the mouth; to make a noise with, as the lips, by separating them in the act of kissing or after tasting.
  14. To make a sharp noise by striking; to crack; as, to smack a whip.
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Smack Translations

smack in Dutch is smakken
smack in French is relent
smack in German is Geschmack, Beigeschmack, schmatzen
smack in Italian is schioccare un bacio
smack in Spanish is bofetada