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Definition of Slope


  1. The part of a continent descending toward, and draining to, a particular ocean; as, the Pacific slope.
  2. An oblique direction; a line or direction including from a horizontal line or direction; also, sometimes, an inclination, as of one line or surface to another.
  3. Any ground whose surface forms an angle with the plane of the horizon.
  4. Sloping.
  5. In a sloping manner.
  6. To form with a slope; to give an oblique or slanting direction to; to direct obliquely; to incline; to slant; as, to slope the ground in a garden; to slope a piece of cloth in cutting a garment.
  7. To take an oblique direction; to be at an angle with the plane of the horizon; to incline; as, the ground slopes.
  8. To depart; to disappear suddenly.

Slope Quotations

Of all the arguments against voluntary euthanasia, the most influential is the 'slippery slope': once we allow doctors to kill patients, we will not be able to limit the killing to those who want to die.
Peter Singer

The safest road to hell is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.
C. S. Lewis

Torture is such a slippery slope; as soon as you allow a society or any legal system to do that, almost instantly you get a situation where people are being tortured for very trivial reasons.
Iain Banks

More guns equaling more safety is a slippery slope, and what makes it so is human blood.
Henry Rollins

This society in which we live is radically changing. What previous generations saw as evil is now embraced as being good. It is a dangerous and slippery slope upon which we stand when we reject what Solomon called the beginning of wisdom - the fear of God.
Ray Comfort
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Slope Translations

slope in Dutch is helling, glooiing
slope in Finnish is rinne
slope in Italian is discesa, pendio, pista
slope in Spanish is escarpadura, cuesta, pista
slope in Swedish is backe, sluttning, slutta
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