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Definition of Sleeping


  1. of Sleep
  2. a. & n. from Sleep.

Sleeping Quotations

The Cold War isn't thawing; it is burning with a deadly heat. Communism isn't sleeping; it is, as always, plotting, scheming, working, fighting.
Richard M. Nixon

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.
Isoroku Yamamoto

A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave.
Benjamin Franklin

And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guy's sleeping? I'm working.
Will Smith

Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.
Bill Cosby
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Sleeping Translations

sleeping in German is schlafend, schlafenden, schlafend
sleeping in Latin is quietus
sleeping in Spanish is durmiente
sleeping in Swedish is sovande
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