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Definition of Slaughtered


  1. of Slaughter

Slaughtered Quotations

Endangered forests are being slaughtered for toilet paper.
Daphne Zuniga

The great disadvantage of our present electoral system is that it freezes the pattern of politics, and holds together the incompatible because everyone assumes that if a party splits it will be electorally slaughtered.
Roy Jenkins

The fact is that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, that my friends, is true perversion.
Harvey Milk

Where do thoroughbreds go after they lose one too many races, throw one too many riders, or develop a limp? Many thousands of thoroughbreds end up being slaughtered for horse meat. The unpleasant truth is horse meat is eaten in Europe and Asia.
Jane Velez-Mitchell

I am the jongleur. I leap and pirouette, and make you laugh. I make fun of those in power, and I show you how puffed up and conceited are the big shots who go around making wars in which we are the ones who get slaughtered. I reveal them for what they are. I pull out the plug, and... pssss... they deflate.
Dario Fo
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Slaughtered Translations

slaughtered in German is abgeschlachtet, schlachtete, geschlachtet
slaughtered in Italian is macellato
slaughtered in Swedish is massakerna
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