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Definition of Slate


  1. An argillaceous rock which readily splits into thin plates; argillite; argillaceous schist.
  2. Any rock or stone having a slaty structure.
  3. A prepared piece of such stone.
  4. A thin, flat piece, for roofing or covering houses, etc.
  5. A tablet for writing upon.
  6. An artificial material, resembling slate, and used for the above purposes.
  7. A thin plate of any material; a flake.
  8. A list of candidates, prepared for nomination or for election; a list of candidates, or a programme of action, devised beforehand.
  9. To cover with slate, or with a substance resembling slate; as, to slate a roof; to slate a globe.
  10. To register (as on a slate and subject to revision), for an appointment.
  11. To set a dog upon; to bait; to slat. See 2d Slat, 3.
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Slate Translations

slate in Dutch is lei
slate in French is schisteux, ardoise
slate in Italian is ardesia, abusare
slate in Spanish is abusar, pizarra
slate in Swedish is skiffer, griffeltavla