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Definition of Slashing


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Slashing Quotations

During the year, our schools are busy slashing P.E. and recess to make more time for math. During the summer, we get ourselves worked into a tizzy that our children will forget their fractions.
Darell Hammond

Instead of slashing my wrists, I just write a bunch of really crummy songs.
Peter Steele

We need a smaller, leaner Washington. It won't happen if we raise taxes without any coinciding reform and serious slashing of spending.
David Harsanyi

A few countries like Sri Lanka and Honduras have led the way in slashing maternal mortality.
Nicholas D. Kristof

I don't find slashing and blood flying everywhere to be scary. I just find it repulsive.
Dean Koontz
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Slashing Translations

slashing in German is schlitzend
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