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Definition of Slack


  1. Small coal; also, coal dust; culm.
  2. A valley, or small, shallow dell.
  3. Lax; not tense; not hard drawn; not firmly extended; as, a slack rope.
  4. Weak; not holding fast; as, a slack hand.
  5. Remiss; backward; not using due diligence or care; not earnest or eager; as, slack in duty or service.
  6. Not violent, rapid, or pressing; slow; moderate; easy; as, business is slack.
  7. Slackly; as, slack dried hops.
  8. The part of anything that hangs loose, having no strain upon it; as, the slack of a rope or of a sail.
  9. Alt. of Slacken
  10. Alt. of Slacken

Slack Quotations

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.
Morihei Ueshiba

My husband is exceedingly busy. For some time the talk of his going had been slack, but just now again there seems to be a move to get him sent to the front!
Sarojini Naidu

I try to take a weekly digital Sabbath, batch my emails so I deal with them a few times a day rather than constantly, and increasingly give myself permission to ignore unsolicited communiques. I try, too, to give others more slack. The respond-now culture is a two-way street. I'm trying to be more mindful of that.
Noreena Hertz

When moms stayed home, it was easier just to let the kids play around the house. But as women entered the workplace and the extended family dissolved, someone else had to pick up the slack on the child-care front. Extracurricular activities fit the bill perfectly, promising not only supervision but also enrichment.
Carl Honore

Living with a single kidney is almost exactly like living with two; the remaining kidney expands to take up the slack. (When kidneys fail, they generally fail together; barring trauma or cancer, there's not much advantage to a backup.) The main risk to the donor is the risk of any surgery.
Virginia Postrel
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Slack Translations

slack in German is schlaff, lose, flau
slack in Italian is lasco, floscio
slack in Spanish is languido, flojera
slack in Swedish is loj, slapp, slak
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