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Definition of Skit


  1. To cast reflections on; to asperse.
  2. A reflection; a jeer or gibe; a sally; a brief satire; a squib.
  3. A wanton girl; a light wench.

Skit Quotations

And I've always loved commercials. I like working out how to organically weave a brand's message into the writing process. It's like an improv show, where comics ask the audience to throw out a word and a skit is built around it.
Jason Bateman

I did skit comedy online for many years, beginning around 2001. Around 2006 I started watching a lot of food television and got re-interested in food. I come from a very food-obsessed family. But I also wanted to do my own thing, which was the comedy.
Nadia Giosia

If you look at any successful skit comedy show, ever, there is that format of introducing you to the player in the beginning, and then going on to see those sketches.
Keegan-Michael Key

The skit was very successful based on the applause. After that show, the three of us decided to get together and try and come up with some songs that we could all participate in.
Phil Harris

In high school, I was doing a skit for forensics and people started laughing, more than I was prepared to deal with. It was a surprise.
Kristen Schaal
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Skit Translations

skit in German is Satire
skit in Italian is satira
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